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About us

Farm Africa believes that Africa has the power to feed itself and that its smallholders hold the key to lasting rural prosperity. We work directly with farmers to help them unleash their potential to feed Africa’s people.

Farming not famine

We pioneer techniques that boost harvests, reduce poverty, sustain natural resources and help end Africa’s need for aid.

What we do

Farm Africa's local staff provide the tools and expertise to enable smallholders in eastern Africa to increase their harvests, whether they farm crops, livestock, fish or the forest.

We train them to be more commercial, adding value to surpluses by milling, drying, or turning their produce into products that fetch a higher price.

With better food for their families and reliable incomes from their businesses, farmers can build for the future.

Our approach is to spread tried-and-tested methods as widely as possible. We increasingly work on regional projects that are for more than one country.

Although eastern Africa is widely varied in its landscapes and peoples, there are many common farming problems everyone faces. Farm Africa shares knowledge across communities, without the constraint of country borders.

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