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In Nigeria, SMEs are surprisingly bullish on the Internet's potential.

Our mission is simple - We want to get every business in Nigeria on-line by 2020.

Research has proven that most customers want a website that is easy to navigate with everything available at a glance. Less waffle - more useful information. Page.NG provides you with a website that you can update yourself so you can keep customers informed of new products, upcoming events or special offers.

Page.NG gives you an online presence that is:

  • Optimised for search engines so your customers will find you with ease
  • Trusted because we'll vet companies (through our local partners) before creating a page for them so you'll be part of a credible network
  • Personalised with content that you can add and update as often as you like
  • Inexpensive because we have devised a template that gives your customers all the information they require
  • Enhanced with a live feed from independent reviews
  • Hosted in a stable environment so your page will be available 24/7/365
  • Quicker to load for the local audience using the latest bandwidth enhancements
  • Mobile friendly for those using smart phones

Page.NG is not a directory service - you'll have a real online presence with your own web address (e.g. you can advertise. Best of all we'll make sure customers can find you with ease when using search engines such as Google and Bing.

The Page.NG platform was built by expert web designers with an understanding of the global marketplace alongside specialist insight into Nigeria. See Demo page.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

I already have a website, why do I need Page.NG?

Page.NG will bring you into the circle of trusted companies in Nigeria - you can still keep your other website but having an Page.NG will give you added credibility.

Where and how can I get my own page?

How often can we update our content?

As often as you like. It's a good idea to keep it fresh especially with regards to upcoming events or offers.

Is it difficult to add content?

You can upload words and images with ease. We have specially designed the pages for non-technical people.

Can I change the layout?

You can't change the layout which has been specially designed to provide you with the best online showcase for your business.

Can I remove any reviews?

This won't be possible because it diminishes the credibility of having them on your site.

Will there be a twitter feed to the site?

We will be adding additional features to Page.NG in future and one of these innovations will be a twitter feed.

How stable will the site be?

Your Page.NG will be hosted in a stable environment in the UK which is highly reliable and has a 100% uptime record over the past three years.

Can I use it on Apple or Android smart phones?

Yes, we have created the Mobile version of Page.NG to be suitable across a range of devices

How much does a page cost?

Prices are set by our partners. All our partners charge an annual price for pages they create.

According to Dalberg's survey, more than 80% of SME owners expect that the Internet will help them grow their business, and 70% of those expect to hire new employees as a result.

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More than eight in 10 surveyed SMEs believe taking better advantage of the Internet would improve their businesses' economic performance, and seven in ten of those expect that doing so would create new jobs in their organisation.

They have good reason to believe this. The Internet is enabling both top-line growth through marketing and sales, as well as bottom-line growth through increased efficiency in information management.

Source: Dalberg Research "Impact of the Internet in Africa"


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